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Why Go to Counseling?

To Learn 

- More about your self

- To get information normally found only in a graduate     level classroom 

 - A new perspective 

-  About Cognitive Neuroscience

- Parts of the brain related to emotion 

- What an emotion is comprised of 

- How to really help with trauma 

- What a state of mind is 

- How memories are consolidated

- What creates motivation inside our brain 

To Practice Skills

- To study, train, and try on a skill  you've             learned in counseling

- Communicate a new idea

- Explore a new thought

- Revisit a happy memory 

- Experience a new emotion

- Talk through a past hurt

- Explain a complex thought 

- Share an idea

- Create a new perspective 

- Experience Cognitive flexibility 

Practicing Karate

To Get Results 

- Apply what you've learned

   to your life 

- See improvement 

- Feel stronger 

- Feel happier 

- Be more confident 

- Feel motivated 

- Change your mind

- Change your brain

- Change your life 

Womens Race Practice
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