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Services Provided- for Individuals 

Mental Health Counseling 

Mood- State of Mind changes

  • Decrease sadness or emptiness

  • Lower depression 

  • Manage Postpartum effects   

  • Lower/ decrease anxiety

  • Understand PTSD 

  • Remove phobias

  • Minimize and reduce trauma’s effects

  • Understand and move through the stages of grief and loss

  • Adjust to abrupt or stressful life transitions- recent moves, the arrival of a new 

        baby or the loss of baby, adjusting to a new job or the loss of job, starting or leaving college, leaving or returning home

Family /Relationships 

Family Life

  • Reduce parenting related stress and struggles

  • Navigate increasing demands and juggling roles and responsibilities  

  • Get kids to listen/ cooperate/ setting limits/ managing discipline  

  • Adjust to blended family situations

  • Living with an elderly or aging parent  

  • Navigate through divorce issues

  • Caretaking for a family member who has a prolonged health issue or sudden change in health 

  • School issues- improve your kids low/ poor performance/ increase their motivation

  • Understand and adjust to your child’s medical/ psychological diagnosis (Adhd, Autism spectrum, or chronic health condition)

  • Advocate and working with the school or medical system related to your child’s diagnosis  

  • Improve household organization and efficiency

  • Manage family / household finances/ bills / create and stick to a budget 

Relationship Issues

  • Pre-marital counseling 

  • Decrease arguing

  • Stop passive aggressive tactics

  • Get the behavior/ results you want from your partner or anyone

  • Recover from extra marital affairs

  • Heal from and move on after a breakups or end in a relationship with spouse, family member, friend, or any significant person in your life

  • Recover and heal from terminal loss in a relationship – (Death and the loss of a loved one in a relationship)

Health/Wellness Coaching

Health/ Wellness

  • Lose weight

  • Change or improve eating habits

  • Improve or increase exercise / fitness levels

  • Bariatric surgery preparation

  • Chronic pain reduction/ learn relaxation techniques

  • Improve diabetic or chronic condition

  • Improve /lower blood pressure/cholesterol

  • Lower/decrease Stress

Executive Coaching 

Motivation/Success/Goal Attainment   

  • Clarify decision making

  • Refine, set goals and follow through

  • Increase planning and perseverance capability

  • Decrease procrastination  

  • Attain your highest potential  

  • Improve self control and self discipline

  • Enhance willpower

Work and Career

  • Steer around office politics

  • Improve communication with co workers and your boss

  • Master public speaking 

  • Balance work and family life

  • Discover your dream job

  • Avoid burnout

GROUPS /BUSINESSES- apply the principles behind Cognitive NeuroScience And Neuro Economics to understand the way people think, make decisions, interact, and behave in order to improve your business    

  • Refine communication and effectiveness in meetings

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Enhance employee motivation

  • Reduce conflict in the office

  • Improve employee retention

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