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Working Towards Optimal Mental Health  

For Individuals

Working with a counselor can help you change how you feel. Talking through your emotions with a supportive professional can help you change negative thoughts. Getting encouragement from a trained therapist can help you change undesirable behavior that is getting in the way of meeting your goals. 

Mood- State of Mind changes

Counseling can help you make the following improvements in your life:

  • Decrease sadness or emptiness 


  • Lower/ eliminate depression


  • Reduce Postpartum effects  


  • Lower/ decrease anxiety 


  • Understand PTSD 


  • Remove phobias 


  • Reduce trauma’s effects

  • Understand and move through the stages of grief and loss

  • Adjust to and learn how to peacefully accept or cope with an abrupt or stressful life transition- recent moves, the arrival of a new baby or the loss of a baby, adjusting to a new job or the loss of a job, starting or leaving college, leaving or returning home, adjusting to a recent health diagnosis, taking care of a loved one who is terminally ill or who has a prolonged health care issue, or adjusting to chronic pain 

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September 17, 2016

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September 17, 2016

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