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The Process for Healing  

Emotion to Thought Mapping 

First we talk together and I will listen with compassion, support and acceptance. As we know more about the details of the situation we will begin to capture and map out the cause and effect relationship. Soon the dynamics behind how feelings can influence thoughts, which influence decisions, which can influence behaviors - through actions and words, will be easily drawn out and moved from inside the mind where it was undefined, unseen and unmeasurable to outside the mind where patterns of behavior can now be easily seen- but more importantly a solution can be found! 

Sequence of Events 

There is always an "activating" event or stimuli from the outside environment - something another person says or does or something we see or hear OR the activating event could be a thought from inside our heads that triggers a reaction/feeling within us. The "reaction" comes from a previous association we have from a past experience or memory.


If the stimuli triggers a positive association then our brains produce a chemical like dopamine that travels throughout our body's nervous system, and we may feel happy. If the stimuli triggers a negative association then our brains produce a chemical like cortisol, and we may feel stressed.  

This chain of events happens unconsciously in a fraction of a second, without our conscious awareness. We begin to feel a certain way even before we begin to speak or act. When we talk or have a conversation with another person we have already begun making calculations in our heads trying to predict outcomes while also trying to maintain how we feel physically and emotionally .     

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