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What it feels like to come to our

Counseling Practice 

Would it be worthwhile to spend time with someone who wants to hear your opinions? Your thoughts? Your ideas? Your wants and your needs? 
Would it feel reassuring to have someone's undivided, uninterupted, and one on one attention?
Would it be a relief to have the focus of someone who is not distracted by their cell phone, or other people's requests, or only has 5 minutes to spare, or someplace else to go? 
Coming to my practice allows you to have the full attention,  wisdom, and concern, of an experienced, trusted, and non judgmental
therapist/ counselor/ life coach / personal advocate whose only goal is that you feel better and meet your goals.
Lisa has not only completed rigorous psychology related college graduate programs, but continues to attend and receive advanced training in all areas that are relevant to and relate to mental health, and has spent hundreds of hours researching, studying and learning about the brain and human behavior in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurobiology.  
Lisa has been able to synthesize all this complicated brain information and break it down into practical, digestible pieces of information for you to apply to your life, in order to help you meet your goals to feel better.
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