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Making an Appointment


As an option for scheduling I am offering telehealth and in person sessions Monday through Friday. The Telehealth platforms I use are Zoom or phone calls.  (my default is Zoom, please indicate if you have another preference besides Zoom)  


THANK YOU to all my current clients and all my new clients for accommodating to the telehealth venue and for continuing to work with me during this time of change and uncertainty! We made it through and we made telehealth work successfully!

Steps to scheduling an appointment: 

You may choose to call Lisa- 804-221-5646 and schedule an appointment 

Or you can send a message or ask a question through email to


OR book an appointment online:

Step 1 Scroll down to the Book Now tab under the Individual Counseling box 


Step 2- a calendar with available days will open- click on the day that is convenient for you, click on the time that you prefer.  click NEXT

Step 3- Add your info  - please fill out  all requested information.   All your information will remain confidential. Your name will not be visible to anyone from the website once you book it. The time slot will simply be removed as an option for anyone else to book. I am the only one who will see your information.

Step 4- click the BOOK IT tab - if you are successful you will immediately get a confirmation email sent to you! If you do not, the appointment was not made, please go back and review. 

After you have booked an appointment a private email with your information and booked day and time will be sent to me. After I review the insurance information you included in the message section, I will verify your benefits and then send you a personalized confirmation email with insurance co pay information. That's it! You are all set. 

As a courtesy, 24 hours before your appointment, You will receive an appointment reminder email. 

  • healthy lifestyle improvement

    1 hr

    insurance/self pay
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