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Lisa Nazworth

My clinical mental health counseling qualifications and experience ensures that you will receive excellent care while you are working with me. 

I have a Graduate Education, State Licensure and Yearly Required Continuing Clinical Training - I meet the requirements set by the state of Virginia to provide mental health counseling - I have a Master's degree from the University of South Carolina in Social Work. I have a state issued VA board certified clinical license at the highest independent level called an LCSW. I have multiple other state authorized requirements. I attend classes and conferences each year to keep up with the latest research and information in mental health and psychology. I choose to spend my time reading, researching and keeping up with the latest information in Cognitive Neuroscience and InterPersonal NeuroBiology.  

My previous professional experience as a counselor -  In 2000, I bought and ran my own counseling business, I supervised other counselors, I saw clients of all ages, as individuals, couples, families, and groups. I covered topics from depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, marital issues, parenting issues, general stress, emotional eating, anger and rage, and chronic pain. Prior to that, I worked in a variety of other mental health facilities and managed, directed and ran social service and grant programs.      

Here is what I value and believe to be helpful as you choose your therapist/ counselor/life coach and personal advocate:  

Your counselor should uphold your trust and confidentiality without fail.

Provide you with more than just a download session each visit, but also offer you a science based problem solving technique, balanced with empathy and caring. 

Understand InterPersonal NeuroBiology (IPNB)- which is the study of how each of us relates to and communicates with each other and how each of us is "shaped" by our experiences and interactions with significant people in our lives, from birth on and the interplay of how our brain and our nervous system (the body) make connections and work together as a system to determine our "potential"- which I believe is limitless! IPNB is the most effective, comprehensive and thorough counseling approach, because all IPNB's principles are based from scientific principles -just like in medicine.


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