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What does it mean when your Dr. makes a referral for you to see a counselor?

That you have the capacity for insight and self-reflection.  This means you have the ability to understand the reciprocal relationship between your thoughts, attitudes and feelings and how they might affect and influence your decisions, choices, actions and behaviors.


That it is possible to feel better faster and find relief from any emotional suffering you may have from talking to someone who specializes in how the brain develops and is shaped by our relationships and social interactions across our life span.


That there is a huge benefit in talking to someone who not only provides caring, empathetic, supportive listening, but also an emotional health process you can use now and in the future to sort through any life stressors that may be impacting your physical health.   

That there is great value to be gained by talking to an unbiased person because their only role is to be your helper, coach and advocate. This person won't be worried about reacting to your decisions and actions or how they might be affected by them, as your parent, spouse, boss or friend. Their only role is to help you become the best problem solver possible.    


That gaining a new perspective on complicated relationships issues, complex life stressors or overwhelming personal issues that are negatively impacting your emotional well-being may help relieve some of the burdens or remove the stress you are feeling, which may be exacerbating the physical conditions you are experiencing. 

Many of the aches and pains that manifest in our body  -   constant fatigue, excessive headaches, tension and chronic pain, can be the result of experiencing negative emotions.  Stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, even prolonged sadness, can come from the build up of accumulated adrenaline and cortisol from running negative thoughts.

"Stress" might be described as a constant feeling of being on "overdrive" from the pressures of work or conditions that exist at home or within our personal life that we feel are out of our control.  This overdrive feeling can lead to the physical ailments you may be having.

There is scientific evidence that illustrates when we talk with a caring, supportive counselor about our concerns it helps to move them in our mind, which begins the process of moving them from a state of unprocessed emotions to problem solving thoughts, which changes our perception to feeling more in control.

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