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Emotions and their possible effects on us when our thoughts are Negative   

Why are certain feelings associated with Negative thoughts and Emotions? 

Where do they come from? An event happens, a person triggers a feeling, we see or hear a stimuli in our environment that taps into a past memory and we may start to have the following thoughts-

Feeling that you can't make a difference to change a condition or circumstance that is negative in your current situation

Feeling resentful or left out that you can't be a part of a bigger cause that means or stands for something that you care about 

Feeling like you are not living life the way you want to be living it 

Feeling like it is out of your control to prevent, minimize or stop experiencing painful physical symptoms

Feeling like you are not being included or invited to join or take part in a group that you value  

Blaming yourself for negative events or circumstances that are out of your control

Feeling like you are not able to find the means to make enough money to buy what you or your family needs or wants


Grieving for the loss of an identity that you once had that you feel you can no longer get back

Feeling unable to make use of your time in a way that makes you feel valued, worthwhile and brings you fulfillment 


Seeing those you love suffer and feeling unable to stop or prevent their emotional or physical pain 

                        Negative Internalized                          Actions that are not helpful to us 

        Choices or decisions that you do that will have or produce a negative consequence to you  

Give up, quit, stop trying on the activity (exercising, eating healthy, trying out for a sports team, studying for a test), Criticize and blame yourself, Shut down, isolate, sulk, withdraw from other people, Get angry at yourself, brood, seethe, Ignore things that need to be taken care of, upkeep, maintenance and let situations get worse, Over eat sugary or high carb, high fat foods, or not eat 

Drink or use drugs, Overspend impulsively, shop, or spend money 

How do you feel about yourself when you have an interaction or an event happens and the outcome has a huge impact in your life or a decision you make effects people you care about and then negative consequences follow? 

Negative Internalized Feelings that are not helpful to us

Internalizing a feeling means taking a negative outcome and applying the reason or cause for the outcome to you - blaming yourself and then coming up with reasons why the outcome happened that have to do with your character or personality and then feeling like you don't have any power or ability to change the outcome.


These are example of internalized negative phrases or words you may say to yourself about an event or interaction 

I don't have any power,  I must not matter, 

I feel like a loser, No one cares about me, 

I feel stupid, I feel worthless,  did something wrong, I can't fix this, Nothing will help, nothing will change, I feel so angry, I want revenge, I feel powerless, This is hopeless, I might as well give up 

Negative Externalized Feelings that are not helpful to us 
Externalizing a feeling means taking a negative outcome and applying the reason or cause for the outcome to other people - blaming others   and then coming up with reasons why the outcome happened that may not be 100% accurate  and perhaps don't have to do with facts but are clouded by our negative feelings about the person or event, preventing  an unbiased picture about what happened. 

These are examples of externalized negative phrases or words we may say about other people or an event or interaction 

Negative Externalized Actions that are not helpful to us  

Choices or Decisions that you do that will have or produce a negative consequence or will affect other people 

They are out to get me, see me fail, lose, 

They don't or never liked me, They don't want to see me succeed, I can't trust them, They are stupid, idiots, morons, They cheated to win, beat me, They are better, smarter, stronger, faster, richer better looking then me, They want something from me, are using me, They want to fight me, They want to make me look stupid 

Calling people derogatory, hurtful names, Using words/ language that involve using  "guilt tactics" to try and make others feel "bad" if they don't help you, Blaming others, Trying to control others by taking away their ability to make decisions and have choices (with kids or those that you have authority over), Yelling in a loud demanding tone to get attention, Using physical force over others- hitting, slapping, restraining, Threatening verbally, Intimidating others with punishments or by promising or withholding rewards, Manipulating or coercing others with demands 

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